High Performing Coaching


Personal Coaching


One of the most important factors in performance is the ability to pay attention to the right things at the right times. This is certainly true in elite sports and no small feat.  It is far too easy these days for our attention to be captured by something irrelevant.  In this age of “pressure”, how we respond will ultimately determine the levels of success we reach and how much we enjoy the journey in the process.  We can all deliberately choose to be better but if we don’t do the work, we won’t achieve sustainable levels of achievement no matter how much raw talent we possess – natural brilliance is a myth.  By applying some specific principles to your preparation, practice and performance, you can dramatically accelerate how quickly and significantly you improve.  Thinking about the end game is necessary but not enough – being equipped for the destination is not the same a being equipped for the journey itself.

The best always want to get better – let me help you transform pressure into breakthrough, explosive levels of performance.

Corporate Coaching


Most business owners are smart, talented individuals, who genuinely want to see their people succeed.  They know their managers play a vital role in the success of any organization. At the same time most are being asked to do more with less.  Faced with increased demands on their own performance and only so much time and energy, urgent tasks become priorities.  There is little space to “coach” their managers and leaders – the expectation is that they have everything they need and will intuitively know what they should do on a daily basis.  There is an undeniable gap between intention and action.

All high performing sports teams have coaches – consider me your on-site performance coach.

Sales Team Analytics and Strategy Development


Sales Team Analytics


I love sales and sales professionals and I know that creating a sustainable competitive advantage requires some real creative thought and the willingness to make daring changes.  The landscape most businesses operate in has changed dramatically in the last few years, and many are wondering how to continue to thrive in challenging times. How to maximize what they currently have and not just improve the performance of their sales teams but sustain that improvement over the long haul.

Strategically improving the business development side of business begins with a forensic audit, and careful analysis of your current team and structure.

Developing a high performing and professional sales team to ensure the achievement of your revenue objectives requires a thorough examination of four critical areas:

  • Staff– do you have the right players on the bench?
  • Skills– do they have what it takes?
  • Structure– assuming you have the right players with the right skills, what structural changes and enhancements are required for measurable success?
  • Strategy– what does your “play book” look like for taking your products or services to market?

An on-site audit can take anywhere from two to five days, resulting in a detailed report in the four key areas.

Sales Leadership


Once the team is geared up and ready to take to the field, do you have the type of sales leader who has what it takes to make it to the finals?  I can help equip your leader with the tools to develop the systems to support the game plan, hold their players accountable and coach each unique member of the team through the execution of a thoughtfully created winning Play Book.