About This Project

Do you have an open seat on your sales bench or are you looking for a high performing business development professional?  Perhaps you have an under-performing territory and want to upgrade your talent? Are you looking for a Sales Manager who really knows what they are doing – and we’re not talking about that individual who was number one in sales with his last company. We’re talking about real pros with solid and proven track record and a robust playbook.

Finding high-performing sales professionals is an art and nobody understand the nature of salespeople better than we do. We will perform an in-depth discovery to fully understand the role, your organization, and the ultimate goals for your new business development professional.  We will then scour the market and our database, for the very best sales professional to fit your unique needs. All of the individuals in our database have been carefully selected and demonstrate the attitudes, beliefs, commitments and quality of character needed to succeed in today’s business environment.

We don’t work the way other recruitment firms do. No long-term commitments that bind you to us forever, no candidates that magically pop up out of humungous databases searched using keywords, and we’ve simplified the process to ensure that the right people end up in the right seats at the right price.


Talent Match: Are you a high-performing sales professional, sales manager or customer service specialist? Are you looking for a new opportunity?  We do not actively search for opportunities for you, rather when our client companies are working with us to fid the perfect candidate we always examine our select pool of individuals firs.


Power Up Your Sales Team