About This Project

We can help your sales force and management team learn and develop the business development skills and confidence to improve personal performance.  Our business development specialists focus on client-specific sales strategies, the development of much-needed processes and structure, and improved customer relationship approaches.  Improved sales development focused on “better” calls rather than “more” calls. (“more” is not a strategy!)

Success is a personal choice. We believe that within every individual lives an outstanding professional – the choice to be all they can be ultimately rests with the clients, but to those who are willing to seriously consider change and be held accountable, for those who are committed to excellence, dramatic results are completely possible.

While addressing your unique needs, some of the areas we develop include:

  • Balancing the consultant and strategist roles within a team
  • Developing a rock-solid and robust playbook with and for the team
  • Installing definable performance standards for the team and holding them accountable to those standards
  • Building a partnership between outside sales and your inside support team
  • Developing a sales compensation plan to improve performance and supports the corporate objectives
  • Proactively managing behaviors vs reactively managing results
  • Evaluating performance on something other than dollars sold and then filling the gaps
  • Aligning sales process to the new customer buying process
  • Holding people accountable for performance and improving your existing reporting process
  • Ensuring the forecasting model and pipeline of opportunities is real, not a work of fiction based on hope
Power Up Your Sales Team