About This Project

There is a revolution in leadership thinking. Moving beyond IQ and EQ to CQ – Character Quotient.

The MERIT profile is generated from a skillfully constructed assessment providing a picture of an individual’s present character and behavioral DNA. Producing easy to understand insights that can’t be gleaned through resumes, interviews or performance reviews. Every organization, at all levels, can use this tool for enhancing culture shaping initiatives, hiring processes, employee development and crafting succession planning strategies.

Not to be confused with other assessment tools, the MERIT Profile is not intended for use as a generalized personality assessment. It has been uniquely designed to assess specific constructs of character and behavior, for the purpose of aligning people for compatibility and fit to an organization’s culture.

  • If you discover something specific about a person’s character and behavior….they can be developed
  • If you know something about a person’s character and behavior as it relates to their performance and productivity…that information can be benchmarked to a specific job position
  • If you know the core values, vision and mission of your organization…an individual can be aligned to your culture

Two reports are available. A Recruitment Report designed to assist you with vital insights during the candidate selection process. And a Developmental Report designed to assist an individual’s growth both personally and professionally.

“Character eats strategy for breakfast”
Peter Drucker – author Management Challenges for the 21st Century

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