About This Project

Some of our clients have the desire to engage one or more people within their organization in our certification process. The tracks are designed to equip and empower leaders that are committed to establishing, developing and sustaining a Personal Leadership Effectiveness (PLE) culture inside their organization.

Some want to be equipped with the knowledge and ability to proficiently assess the Character Competencies and Behavior Traits of job applicants, as well as the current team by utilizing our proprietary MERIT profile.

Our Trainer/Coach certification equips your inside advocates with the knowledge, tools and process needed to impact and transform your people in relation to their PLE.

The PLE Champion certification process prepares an individual to serve alongside and engage with various organizational Leadership Teams as they work to establish, develop and sustain a PLE culture of the entire organization and/or a division, branch or work group. They become diagnostic experts armed with the ability to “map” your organizations core values against the findings of the diagnostic tools to achieve maximum internal alignment.

We work closely with these organizations providing the guidance and help required to reach self-sufficiency. We stay with you as long as we are needed.


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