Colleen is a fantastic coach and strategist. I engaged her multiple times to provide sales training and management coaching and the results were excellent. I strongly recommend her to any business seeking help with sales, strategy development and management. (Keith V)
A couple of years ago I took some coaching from Colleen on how to sell my product.
Using the techniques she teaches and the philosophy she promotes has really increased our success when it comes to producing revenue .It just works! If you want someone with loads of experience - very creative and always ready to listen and help - call Colleen (Ken P)
Colleen is scary good. The biggest challenge with Colleen's coaching is having the
guts to follow through. If you do, you will be richly rewarded. She's kind and nurturing but won't let you off with your excuses. She's excellent to work with. (Scott T)
Colleen is a one-of-a-kind expert in what she does. I've never met anyone who can encourage, teach, sell, motivate and get the job done like she does! Colleen has taught me so much and I wouldn't be where I am today without her help. She captivates any audience and has such a passion for what she does, there is no stopping her! Colleen has an amazing gift that she is using so well, she is a true inspiration to anyone! Just the chance to meet Colleen is a treat in itself! (Angie)
Colleen is an excellent communicator with exceptional leadership skills. Colleen wants to make a meaningful difference and always make something better: a system, a product, a circumstance, a person. Very reliable and extremely trustworthy, I highly recommend Colleen at all levels of business. (Tom E)
I've had the pleasure of working with Colleen and have seen firsthand the increased results that are directly related to the proven strategies she provided. Excellent delivery and world- class content. (Amanda J)
If you’ve got an aspiration but find yourself stuck in the status-quo, you should give Colleen a call. She’s not in the business of handing out hugs though and kind of relentless when it comes to getting the job done. But if you want to take it up a notch it’s worth the investment. (Cody P)
Colleen’s definitely not like any coach I’ve ever worked with. To her, high performance not only matters but is there for anyone with the grit and determination to see their personal or business ambitions come to life. Sometimes, you just need a Sherpa when you’re scaling the mountains. (Jon M)