The Value of If…..

01 Feb The Value of If…..

I hear the word if a lot, and based on the number of times it is used, it must be incredibly valuable.  Judging by the way so many sales professionals talk, I would say it’s worth thousands of dollars! 

 For example:

  • If only I had gotten there sooner…..      
  • If only our prices were more competitive…..
  • If only the economy wasn’t in the tank….
  • If only our competition wasn’t so strong……
  • If only the timing were better…..
  • If only I had more accounts or a bigger territory…..
  • If only they would return my calls….
  • If only I didn’t have so much paperwork to do…..
  • This list is endless

 This word seems to account for more missed opportunities than I could ever imagine.  A real pro wouldn’t blame a lost sale on any of the above conditions.

 A more likely list of ifs might include:

  • If only I had planned more effectively…..
  • If only I was definite on what I wanted to accomplish during this call….
  • If only I had set clear expectations at the very beginning…..
  • If only I wasn’t lazy and just sent them a quote…..
  • If only I had talked about money while I was face to face…..
  • If only I had listened instead of talked the whole time…..
  • If only I went in prepared to find goodness of fit rather than close a deal…..

 The most important if is:

  • If I  take personal responsibility for my actions then I will understand that sometimes the results will be favorable, and in the long run I will be better off
  • If I do the behaviors required to succeed each and every day the results will come

Yes, if is indeed worth a lot of money.  Whether that money is in your bank account or someone else’s will be determined by the way in which you look at your own list of ifs.  Maybe some of them are really just excuses that may seem out of your control.  Perhaps they are internal conditions over which you have complete control?

 If you wonder what the high performing sales professionals do on a daily basis to eradicate the ifs, give us a call.

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