I am excited to announce the launch of MADSEN & MacDONALD – The Sales Specialists.

Creating a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s business climate is a critical factor in building a thriving and profitable organization.  Your sales organization represents the first point of live contact and personal interaction with your buyers.  Critical to brand perception, your sales strategy and the team directly affects how a customer feels about your business and is essential to building customer trust and loyalty. Your strategic business development team has the first insight on spending changes and is the best barometer that you have for monitoring market shifts that can impact the bottom line.

Traditionally, a company could create a long term advantage with new products or dominate with deep pockets.  Even capturing markets with widespread brand recognition.  Today, these attributes can produce a temporary shift but that’s no longer enough.

Competitors can quickly replicate and surpass your technology.  Economies of scale have quickly given way to agility and customized solutions.  Even brand recognition loses its impact in an environment where new and improved competitors show up on the scene almost daily.  So how do you sustain a competitive advantage under these conditions?  Redefining sales as a source of competitive advantage is the solution!  What does it take to be great?

A strong sales leader with the right set of tools

A team of top performers that are ready to take the field

A compensation plan that directs performance to new heights

A sustainable competitive advantage in a world of “sameness”

A robust playbook – one that will take you to the championship final

The team of Colleen Madsen and Shelley MacDonald at MADSEN & MacDONALD bring decades of “real” experience on the field and in the boardroom.  Offering an executive suite of services, we believe that great companies build great people.  Those great people build great families, communities and ultimately great nations.

Visit our website at to learn more, or call us and we’d be happy to spend some time with you to determine if we can bring lasting and meaningful value to your organization and your team of professionals.

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