The potential of a retirement “movement” where thousands and thousands of seasoned, accomplished men and women use their time, talents and treasures to change the world is staggering.  But not nearly enough is being done to harness this enormous resource.  Most just don’t know how to get started.

The government continues to think about aging boomers in terms of them leaving the world of work and contribution – to recieve what they are entitled to.  It just isn’t in their collective thinking that this group of people might be contributors.  I can only imagine what might happen if those who are ready, willing and able contributed their energy to transform their communities.

In my stage of life, as it is with so many others, it’s beginning to matter less to me how much more money I can make or how influencial I am in my field.  What is far more interesting to me is finding something I’m passionate about, learning something new, being helpful and discovering personally rewarding ways to give back. The term “success to significance” has become a powerful call to action for me.

When I talk with people about this stage of life there are a myriad of responses.  This idea of using your life rather than have your life use you often strikes a nerve.  This idea crashes through preconceived notions, the business at hand, what we read about in the latest business books, worries and asprirations, technology and all that we have held firm to for so many years.

When was the last time you did something significant, did something for someone else and didn’t expect a single thing in return?  And not just for family or friends.  For strangers.  Helping this way, extending beyond family, can cure many of society’s worst problems.

We have one life to live – there might be sixty years or eighty or even a hundred.  But it’s one life and it can have a higher purpose and can leaving a lasting imprint, a legacy of hope.

How can you utilize whatever talents you have in a way that helps others and in doing so will redefine sucess for you?  As you look to a brand new year of possibility are there small steps you can take?


Success = being the best in the world.

Significance = being the best for the world.

One little word changes everything.  One little action does the same


Happy New Year!

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