There seems to be a point in most everyone’s life where we experience a moment like no other.  It’s like the world stops spinning and everything freezes in time.  This might happen at certain birthdays, after a traumatic event has occured, when someone you love passes away, your spouse decided to leave or more often these days, a serious financial setback turns your world upsidedown.

I have a client who owns a highly successful manufacturing business.  He was telling me he was finally able to purchase the boat of his dreams to use at his cabin in Northern Saskatchewan.  Soon after it arrived, he said he suddenly realized that he had reached that point in his career that he had been striving for – but something was missing.  The world stopped turning for a moment and he wondered “to what end”?

We talked at length about the number of successful business leaders just like him who are pausing to redefine success.  Many sense that if they left their jobs they really wouldn’t be missed – at least not for long – funny how the world just simply carries on without us.  We wondered how quickly emptiness sets in when one of their people are promoted.  Once a corporate goal is achieved – what next?  Well, for most, another is set and the wheel begins to turn.  And then one day, you find yourself at your kitchen table having coffee, when not too long ago you were having coffee at the board room table.

We know how to define success in the first half of our lives.

But what is it going to look like for you in your second, and most important, half?

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