At this time of year I’m often engaged in conversations that revolve around the knack of setting goals.   And while the month of January for the goal-setting type is a time to reflect and create ambitious intentions for the New Year, February is typically when the “best laid plans” begin to fall apart.   You’ve seen it – the gyms are full in January with lineups at each piece of equipment.  But you’re not concerned because you know in 60 days the scene is going to change.

From “dream boards” to pages and pages of prioritized lists, from accountability partners to daily journals, out with the old and  in with the new, turning over a new leaf, balancing and juggling…..and then quietly without warning a few days pass with no focused activity.  Days turn into weeks.   And in what seems like the blink of an eye, months pass and we are back in our predictable routine.

Is there a better way?  I think so.  I think one.
• Make one more phone call every day
• If you are a manager, spend one more meaningful moment with one of your staff
• If you are in sales, suggest one more additional item to every customer you talk to
• Invest one day a month in some form of skill development
• Read one book every month
• Ask one more question in all your conversations
• Pause for one moment longer before responding to someone’s question
• Get to work one hour earlier
• If you’re in sales, address objections one more time before giving up
• Make one more connection to the individual who is “sitting on the fence”
• Ask for one more endorsement or referral
• When working with your team or your customer suggest one more idea
• Send one more thank you note or message
• Pick one, and only one BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) for your life or business

Yes, one is a tiny number.  This tiny number can make a very powerful impact.  The next time you think about giving up on some initiative or project, consider the fact that you might just be one phone call, one email, one question, or one action away from the finish line.

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