Just when you think you’ve made it, when you think all of life’s big challenges have been dealt with, the kids are grown, off to college or married, work has become comfortably routine and the house is paid for, why do we we feel that something is missing?  This feeling usually begins to gnaw on us when we approach our 50’s – sooner for some.  We begin to question our contribution and if we are doing something important.  Most often this feeling occurs when we wonder if we have enough financially.

If you are like most people in this generation, you are more comfortable than your parents, and you may own more of your home than the bank does, you have a decent salary and benefits, you work hard but may have more free time than others in previous generations.  And so that boredom doesn’t settle in, we buy things to keep us entertained.

We watch as others “cash in” and follow their dreams – it looks appealing so we take a look at our own assets – we might just be able to live our dreams too!  Should we quit or jobs, do a little on the side and finally have the freedom to do the things we never had time for before?  No more driving to work in rush hour traffic, long weekends at the lake, lunch with your friends.  It starts to look really good.  But retirement is for old people and you’re not old, you’re barely fifty and you feel great.  You really do have an extra thirty years.  You don’t want to keep doing what you’re doing, but you’re not ready for the rocking chair.  And so the feeling creeps in.

This is so normal.  You are part of the first generation in this country who can even think about this.  I want you to see the next 30 – 40 years of your life as the best years of your life.  Exit the rat race but don’t stop doing.  You need something that makes you want to get up in the morning.  Maybe instead of working for the money, you could be doing something else.  Something that matters and that energizes you.

Yes something is happening – you are in Halftime.  It’s awkward and disjointing – the place right between hard working, committed and dedicated worker or leader and the unknown – your Second Half.  Something has to change and you can have a hand in what that change looks like.

Moving from “success to significance” is the unspoken desire for all of us.  Halftime is a good place to go but not a place to stay and we all can feel that something is happening.  It’s a place where you can work through the strange feelings and find a clearer picture of the life you were intended to live.  Halftime is inevitable and if you are serious about working through it, you will find your way into the most exciting 20-30 years of your life, a life filled with adventure.

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