In Ken Dychtwald’s book “With Purpose” he compares life to:

A flower that blooms once – the annuals you plant in your garden each year.  They are beautiful but as fall approaches the petals fall off and the plant shrivels up in the cold, never to be seen again.

A flower that blooms each year – the hard working perennials that pop up year after year.  They are quite predictable and never really change but they do have staying power.  Each year you can count on them to do what they did the year before.

A snake that sheds it’s skin – literally crawling out of its own skin several times a year and through the change and growth emerges more beautiful than before.  We humans do this occasionally when we struggle with part of our lives and get rid of things that no longer work for us as we continue to grow and improve.

A caterpillar becoming a butterfly – transforming itself into something completely and startlingly different.  Now this is an idea that I like!  A spectacular metamorphosis.

Can we reinvent ourselves to this same degree?  I think so.  In fact, I know so.  We’ve all heard stories and met individuals who change completely, who are willing to let go of the status quo.  These individuals have used all of their experiences and knowledge, that are earned with time, and keyed onto what is important to them – and then they did something about it!  They didn’t just talk about it, or think about it….they did it!  Such wisdom is remarkable.

Right now is when you have the most to offer virtually anything you tackle.  Clear the table – get right with the world – the rocking chair can wait!

Think big – you don’t have anything prove, and if you choose to reinvent yourself, to move beyond what the world has convinced us to aspire to, you might just be opening up the door for a life of unexpected joy.  It won’t happen by itself though – but there is a new life waiting for you.

If you knew you wouldn’t fail what would you do to reinvent yourself?  What if you could change the world?

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